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ViGRO Technology helps you to get right place, it is serving a Web designing company in Bhagalpur Bihar and all over the world. Web design is the main point of contact between your business and customers. A Web Designing in Bhagalpur includes every aspect from web designing and development, like site layout, content, image, and video etc. BY which a site looks attractive and professional. A custom sites always the correct way to grow your business on the internet.

ViGRO Technology, Web designing company in Bhagalpur serving since 2009 help in developing mobile friendly, user-friendly, creative layout, custom designing and responsive website, SEO friendly, a custom portal that will help you increase the traffic of your sites and getting more leads and sales.
Our endeavor to serve custom web design and development, attractive, responsive web solution to all type of business. We specialized in all types of web design like custom designing and development and building your internet presence. We believe in providing trait and effective, quality, entity work by which you can attract more traffic and grow your business in the world. We are able to create any types of a site for any kinds of business – E-commerce, MLM, Static, Dynamic, Semi-Dynamic, and Informatics, educational portal, real- state sites etc.

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Types Of Website

Static Website:-

A static site is a website that is designed and developed by the web designing company or a web designer by using a static language like HTML (Hyper Text Markup language) or XHTML ( Extensible HyperText Markup language). Once the static sites live on the internet and changed that are needed require a site or portal it should be done by a web developer or someone that knows a programming language. Each static site designing company in Bhagalpur is built a site for a different purpose, which may be selling a product and services or give information about a business, Location etc.

 Website designing company in Bhagalpur always create a simple static site is much easy to create a content managed the website, due to the facts that no database to be required. This type of site mainly uses by the small business owner.  Vigro Technology web designing company in Bhagalpur offer you with a static site design service in Bhagalpur which help you grow your business. This type of sites allows business to explain their company’s goals and service.

Why should require in a static website:- 

  • Attractive Design
  • 100% Responsive sites
  • Fast downloading
  • Multiple pages
  • Inquiry from
  • SEO Friendly
  • Image Gallery and video gallery

Dynamic Website:-

If you want to use the latest website technology to promote your company service or product, you must want to consider a dynamic site rather than static sites in order to do so. This is one of the most famous types of site and the meaning of dynamic continually changes. In this type of website, you have the right to change and manage your site. A dynamic site requires a programming knowledge and logic which enable it to work differently under different situation and condition. Generally dynamic sites used for sailing products and service on the internet.

Dynamic Website designing company in Bhagalpur has several features which help you to create a well good looking and attractive site. You can upload content, image, video, and banners without having technical knowledge. This is perfect for all type of business, especially for e-commerce where clients can register, purchase any product. If you want to develop this off the site or web portal, we are the best website designing company in Bhagalpur for doing your project.

Why should you require in a Dynamic website:- 

  •  CMS (Content Management System )
  • User attractive interface
  • Responsive website
  • SEO friendly
  • Log in and sing up system
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Instant notification system

Drupal Web Development –

Website designing company in Bhagalpur expect in creating websites in technology. Drupal is one amongst the most straightforward Content Management System (CMS) platforms which allow the user to change the software system. It has several options that help in simple designing and development of the web pageor web portal. This platform has offered great performance over the decades. A professional web designer who is practiced in Drupal development and different system enhancements will help you in obtaining the simplest web styles. Drupal is an open source CMS which help in making a very attractive and good looking website. With the help of Drupal, we will develop your weblog or business site, E-commerce etc. It helps to build your business come back online and makes the presence of it throughout the globe. Drupal could be a popular platform that helps in making the best-performing sites with leading multiple options and features. It’s published using the PHP scripting language. It continuously permits changes within the software system by the users. Any quite user group will get accessed to use the system. They will even run membership and community sites.

Website Designing in (Dot). NET –

.NET is that the Microsoft set up for connecting and sharing data, resources, systems, and devices through Web Services for creating simpler communication and collaboration between communities and people on the internet. This technology has created a stronghold on web development. The .NET Framework has great programming modal and .NET technology provides quick, efficient and simple to make, deploy and manage the security solutions over the network using internet Services. Vigro Technology has a separate certified team for.Net programming who works on full development in creating ASP .NET, VB. NET and ADO .NET based application to provide top web Design Company in Bhagalpur. .NET is the best framework to build a Mobile application and web application other software industries. .NET technology that provides the facility of fast and simple, secure signing into the site. There are a large number of companies that are currently using these types of site.

Web Design service for making your business successful

Website Designing in WordPress –

If you are looking for WordPress web designer in Bhagalpur, so you are the right place. We are an experienced Website designing company in Bhagalpur Bihar. Wordpress is an open source for CMS (content management system). WordPress was invented in 2003 and it’s commonly used as a blogging site.

Nowadays this is the most popular grown technology used all over the world. There are huge demands for WordPress sites in the market. This is made on an all-purpose scripting language referred to like PHP, Net that helps in manufacturing and creating an effective site, and additionally, a management system referred to as MySQL.

Word Press is taken into account to be one among the foremost popular CMS in use these days. One of the explanations that WordPress is therefore common is as a result of it’s very simple to use easy to access. It additionally has thousands of plugins. These plugins help in web designing features development. Which will be put in to perform concerning any function you may ever need to add to your website. We develop the best wordPress website company in Bhagalpur. With the help of WordPress, you can able to maintain your site or portal functionally and features like add new pages, video gallery, and image gallery in a few seconds.

Website Designing in PHP –

Is your business looking for Professional PHP Website Company in Bhagalpur so you are the right place we are the best website designing company in Bhagalpur? PHP is a programming language for custom development with a completely functional scripting language. Significantly it will be required into Hypertext mark-up language simply (HTML). PHP Development is kind of simple and best as opposed to its competitor’s others. PHP web Development got uncomplicated format, techniques, and options and each computer programmer will are aware of it quite quickly. There could also be some effective alternatives available for the development of efficient web portal. However, PHP web development fits the simplest.

PHP is one of the best platforms that effectively work the simplest and easiest for custom modern web solutions. Another major feature and benefits for opting PHP are that the price advantage it is cost effective and in customer budget. Web Designing, customizing, web developing and modifying PHP based mostly sites is finished well with cheap investment. We provide professional web services on PHP as well as web development, designing an Android web application, web based mobile application, Content Management System development, custom PHP site development in Bhagalpur, static or dynamic and interactive MYSQL designing and much a lot of with PHP Web Development.

“The way of getting success is not hard, but we make it hard”

If you want to get success in your life, you have to think differently from others.

Developing the online presence of your business is a different way to get success.  Vigro Technology work in a different manner, to get success in the web. We provide multiple services of Web designing and development in Bhagalpur to own multi features sites at an affordable price. Your website is just not only for giving information about your business rather it business mirrors and goals, objective. As the best, service provider of web design in Bhagalpur. It becomes important to grow your business on the internet with an attractive, responsive and creative design.

We have completed multi types of project, from start-up to establish a business, across multiple industry and market. Our ability to provide any kinds of features and function and website in Bhagalpur like dynamic web portal, E-commerce sites, real state portal, informative website, and educational web portal, etc.


We are the experience Website designing company in Bhagalpur because we work in multi-project of the web from a different filed. We can full fill all the requirements of our client’s because we know that in starting a new online business is very hard especially when if it is your first time. So we help in growing your business on the internet, we help you anytime. If you are searching for a website designing company in Bhagalpur. The appearances of a site have played a crucial role in holding potential customer at your business web portal. We will help you own responsive as well as users attractive amazing looking website in a budget.

When you start with us, our team will help you to build a good looking stunning website.

A good quality website designing services are our topmost priority because we understand the expectation of our clients and the importance of their time and money.

Our team will connect with you

When you start with us, our company provides a dedicated project manager for your project. Project Manager is the person who manages your project and helps you from the beginning.

Well Trained Executive

Our project manager well trained in marketing & technology. they can help you with both of this. so you not to worry about your project.

Research & Analysis

Our project manager will research and analyze your line of business and market trends. They will help you to create a stunning website that makes a positive impression of your brand.

24x7 Technical Support

We are providing 24x7 dedicated technical support to you whenever you need our support. You can submit a support ticket or email the problem.

Communicate with clients

According to project work progress, the project manager will give you regular updates on the work progress. whenever you need any assistance you can communicate directly with the project manager.

Marketing and technology

Our team will help you to promote your business online through online digital marketing. We have well trained online marketing executive to manage your online business.

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