Are you searching for the role of content in a good website, In any website content is very important because it provides all information about your website, For example – Its give a information about your service, product, business etc. The way of providing information is image, text, video, audio, infographics etc. People generally want rank is search engine result page, but they don’t know what method they should use to for ranking, but in reality, by only powerful and unique content you will get rank in search engine result page. Of course it doesn’t mean you can neglect SEO along social media marketing. Quite the contrary. Good content and marketing is the best mixture to get you that traffic, leads and clients. Thanks to The Marketing Heaven and sites alike, you can take off the pressure of promoting your youtube channel or twitter acount and lay it out on professionals. As for the content itself, acknowledge the fact that most people do not read the articles in their entirity. I always prefer only Headline and image and video, infographics for easy understanding. People generally do not know how to write an article or content. They generally see their competitor website then they write an article, but it is the wrong way for article writing, below I mention some important point for article writing.

The key point for article writing

  • Always write Unique content
  • Always write articles in the first person
  • Always write the conclusion of the article
  • Write simple English
  • Question in title
  • Alt tag with the question
  • Normal Optimization
  • Maintain Content Frequency & Recency

Do you know content distribution Platforms on the internet, there are many content distributions platform one of the best ways for content distribution is Social Profile building. On the internet much social profile building by using this website you can make your profile and submit your website link on different websites then you can distribute your website content. Check this page. Next important thing for distribution of content is social bookmarking in this website you bookmark your website in a different social bookmarking website then you get more visits from social media website you are more popular in social media for your service and product. This is real power and role of content in a good website

What is the benefit of content?

  • For getting more user
  • Forgetting popularity
  • For more awareness
  • Getting more sale and business
  • Increase website visibility
  • Reduce bounce rate