Do you know about the Importance of display network, and what is display campaign? If you don’t know I’ll explain you each and everything about display campaign. Firstly I discuss what display network is, It’s a part of the adward. There many type of campaign one of the most important is display campaign, in adward in display campaign there are many options available in the internet While making display campaign first select campaign type choose display then after then two option come one is marketing objective and no marketing objective if you choose marketing objective then three options come to Build awareness and Influence consideration, Drive action. Visit website. The meaning of Influence gets customers to visit your website or for engagement with your content and in drive action Buy on your website and call your business and visit your website option will come. When you select No marketing objective you will get more option as compare to marketing objective. In No marketing first option is target location, which locations you want to target choose this location. After that select language, what language does your customer speak, then set your Bid strategy then set your daily budget.

Option of Bid strategy
• Automated bid strategies
• Target CPA
• Target ROAS
• Maximize clicks
• Viewable CPM
• Manual bidding
• Manual CPC
After setting daily budget next option Delivery method, which targeting method you should choose for this campaign one is standard and second is accelerated.